Full-Size Seedling Light Cart

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Full-Size Seedling Light Cart

This was a game-changer for us. We went from scrambling for corners of the house to tuck away seedlings, where they'd get forgotten . . . or kicked . . . or ravaged by the cat. And they always looked bad, which bummed out the missus. 

That changed when we bought this system. We can grow approximately 3,000 seedlings every season with this thing. 

The full description:

This heavy duty cart is constructed of 1- 1/4" polished welded aluminum stock. Independently adjustable shelves, each equipped with four hard plastic leakproof 11"W x 22"L x 2.5"D trays to cradle individual 1020 seedling trays, soil blocks, pots, or containers and also allow bottom watering. 

Includes four fluorescent fixtures, each with four, 4' long 40-watt T12 Gro-Lux wide-spectrum grow tubes, for providing uniform light across the entire shelf. Initial lumens: 1,875. Color temperature: 3,400K. Avg. expected lifespan: 20,000 hrs. Each fixture has its own 36" 120V power cord with inline switch, and a built in 3-wire grounded receptacle to accept the plug from a nearby fixture, allowing the entire setup to be conveniently linked together and powered from a single outlet. 

Fluorescent fixtures are easily adjusted up or down independently with the integrated slide system, which includes thumb knobs securing the ends of the fixtures to vertical slide bars at each end of the stand. Measures 74"H x 53"W x23"D overall, and is equipped with heavy-duty 3-inch swivel casters for complete portability. 

Each ships in three boxes. 
Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery. Includes frame for 4 shelves, 4 casters, 4 fluorescent fixtures with 16 tubes, and 16 hard plastic leakproof trays.

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